Saturday, August 9, 2014

POVNYC in the New York Times!

The New York Times is featuring "Point of View New York City in "Bookshelf" by Sam Roberts in the Metropolitan section on 8/10/2014. Nazi Spies and New York Perspectives is illustrated with my photo "Fading Memories", showing a mural of the World Trade Center at the defunct Neptune Inn on City Island.


Nazi Spies and New York Perspectives

By Sam Roberts

A mural of the World Trade Center on City Island from a book of photos by Janko Puls.

Think you know New York? The photojournalist Janko Puls, who moved here in 2006, shares his singular personal urbanscape in “Point of View New York City: A Visual Game of the City You Think You Know” (CN Times Books). 

Mr. Puls renders otherwise conspicuous sites obscure by focusing on architectural details or by photographing from odd angles, challenging the viewer. For instance: Could you recognize the World Trade Center Memorial from a context-free geometric shot of its reflecting pool? Could you pick out the charging bull of Wall Street from a close-up of the tip of its bronze horn? Some will challenge even the most knowledgeable New Yorker (Mr. Puls helpfully provides a map and an index with addresses and interesting factual tidbits).

The project was his way of coping with the city’s breakneck metamorphosis. “A moment came when I knew more vanished places than actually existing ones,” he writes. “It was when I noticed that, I suppose, that I really became a New Yorker.” 

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