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Janko Puls (photo: Bo Zaunders)
Photographer and writer Janko Puls focuses mainly on landscapes, urbanscapes and seascapes. The human condition is his topic though, and he finds this expressed in inanimate objects as well. Architecture, embedded in the social and geological topography, plays a special role in this context. The definition of who we are and how we want to be seen is ricocheted and mirrored over time and space in buildings and their environments. For Janko's understanding of ourselves as a society, this approach provides a valuable alternative to portrait photography.

With his background as a degree-holding journalist, historian and art historian, Janko comes from a non-fiction tradition, but started venturing into more unrestrained narratives. Being a storyteller, he also likes to clear new, easily accessible paths to the visual arts. His playful approach with “small planet” photography resulted in photos he uses even for something as practical as wall clocks. His book "Point of View New York City" offers an unusual way of exploring his favorite city for children and adults alike. It works on different levels of recognition and interpretation.

Janko has been taking photos since he could hold a camera straight. Whether darkroom procedures or digital workflow - most techniques are self-taught and not the result of a formal photo school education. He is interested in the full range from pinhole exposures to the latest digital tweaking.

Janko was born in 1967 in Aachen, Germany. He graduated in Journalism, Art History, and History of the Middle Ages at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, and studied in Perugia, Italy. As a freelance journalist, he wrote mainly about art, but also witnessed and reported events like the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2000, he was invited to develop the online edition of the national daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau as managing editor. Next to developing content, layout and functionality of the web site, he introduced the broader online use of photography in different formats. Since 2006, Janko lives with his wife Kate in New York City.

Can I get a print out of the book - or other prints - from you, for that matter?

Sure you can. Just get in touch with me here through the contact form and we figure something out. Unfortunately, Janko's webpage is currently under renovation, but should be back very soon with an improved print order system. Bad timing, I know! You can find my photography on several social platforms. Just browse around and have a look. If you are interested in a print: Just email me!

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