Monday, June 23, 2014

Point of View New York City 014

The ship is nearly in: we are three days away from publishing date - yay!

A benevolent warning: Even before my "Point of View New York City" is being published and out in the stores, already some yahoos try to pirate my book. Or at least they pretend to - more likely they want to give your computer and you some serious trouble. So please read on.

 A video on Youtube with a link to promised the download a PDF of my book for free - that is funny enough since that material is protected by copyright - I asked Youtube to take the link down.

It is impossible to reach and force them to take the link down, so this is what you have to know: First, there is no electronic edition of my book. It simply doesn't exist and it isn't planned for the future either. Further, if you are reckless enough to go to, be very afraid: You will be encouraged to download some "software" first.

Several sources on the web hint that this might be virus infested code, meaning either spyware or tracking software will be installed on your machine - if not something worse. I am not stupid enough to test that on my PC, so I can't tell for sure what you will get if you go ahead. Maybe there isn't even a file to download.
Anyway, apparently steals book cover photos from the Amazon US pages and reuses them to lure innocent users onto their own pages. So, if you like to keep your computer / smartphone / iPad / whatever device clean, DO NOT go to these pages, and DO NOT download anything from there.

By the way, you can get my book online, and even preorder it at the obvious pages on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, Powell's, and others.

And it's always safe to come to, have a look around and send your friends safely an ecard of my photos there. Thanks for your attention, enjoy a safe and happy surfing!

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