Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Alive!

It's alive! My first book on American soil is published! And I will hopefully get some hours of sleep now. Thank you, CN Times Books and everybody being involved in making this happen! (Proper acknowledgements are to be found in the printed book.)

As I type, trucks are rolling out and about to deliver this sweet little book to the stores, museum shops and other places where you can buy books. If your book seller doesn't have them in stock (yes, that might happen), just ask them about it. I am sure they would be happy to order you a copy.

So, from tomorrow on at the earliest you should be able to get a copy at your convenience. And then there is online ordering as we know: To order it right now at your closest independent bookstore, go to Or get it for example at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Powell's.

Still not convinced this would be something for you? Read what the press and other photographers have to say about it.

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